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Company Introduction

Double Digit investment provides managed account service for individual investors. The service is tailored to customer’s investment objectives with different target asset portfolios, investment timeline and risk tolerance.

Our ultimate investment objective is to pursue absolute investment returns greater than 10% for our customer.

Double Digit investment is in the pursuit of absolute returns as the core investment philosophy, and strives to provide our customers with double digit return (> 10.0%) in average under all market conditions over the long run.

Our corporate objective is "creating value and win-win for the long term"

To achieve the corporate objective of "creating value and win-win for the long term ", the company is committed to serve customers’ best interest with disciplined investment approach and quality financial advice. We strive to maintain long-term customer relationship, win-win strategy through our value-added services. We aspire to become the most trusted and reliable assets managing partner for our investors.

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