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Our corporate objective is "creating value and win-win for the long term"


Double Digit investment provides financial planning and asset management services for individual investors. The service is tailored to customer’s investment objectives with different target asset portfolios, investment timeline and risk tolerance.

Our ultimate investment objective is to pursue absolute investment returns greater than 10% for our customer.

Double Digit investment is in the pursuit of absolute returns as the core investment philosophy, and strives to provide our customers with double digit return (> 10.0%) in average under all market conditions over the long run.

Our corporate objective is "creating value and win-win for the long term"

To achieve the corporate objective of "creating value and win-win for the long term ", the company is committed to serve customers’ best interest with disciplined investment approach and quality financial advice. We strive to maintain long-term customer relationship, win-win strategy through our value-added services. We aspire to become the most trusted and reliable assets managing partner for our investors.


Double Digit investment provides comprehensive financial planning services for individual investors. The services include financial situation assessment, retirement planning, asset allocation and diversification. Our financial plan service is tailored to customer’s investment objectives with different investment goals, timeline and risk tolerance.

We provide success proven investment strategies for the following three registered investment accounts:

Our Investment and Consulting Services help our clients to achieve their financial independence and early retirement with peace of mind.

We are aligned with our client’s best interest. Double Digit investment is a fee-only financial planning service provider. We are not paid of any commissions by selling expensive financial products to our clients. Instead, we are paid by our clients for the quality of our service and the results of their financial performance. We put our clients’ best interest ahead of our own interest. That is Fiduciary Responsibility standard. Please ask us for more about Fiduciary Responsibility.


Every day we work hard to support our family, raise our children, and enjoy our life. Life is good when we have a job that pays a decent cheque. But each of us will have to retire some day in the future. How do we secure a comfortable life and maintain the living standard after we retire? The only solution is to invest early long before we retire.

When we are young, we have more human capital, less or no financial asset. When we are old, we have to rely more on our financial asset that we accumulated through the years.

Investment allows us to accumulate financial asset and have financial freedom

Investment allows us to maintain the standard of living and keep up with the inflations.

Investment allows us to help the next generations and contribute to the social charity.

Investment is a long and risky journey. The sooner we start, the more likely we will reach the retirement goal. Double Digit Investment and Consulting is your trust worthy partner to guide you through the journey.


High return

Double Digit investment seeks long-term investment return more than 10% at average annual return rate.

Low Risk

Our investment model is targeted to invest in sectors through exchange traded fund (ETF), to avoid the risk of individual stocks.

Double Digit investments act as an authorized trader on behalf of the customer and ensure safety of investment funds in their personal account.

Low cost

No any cost if the return of the investment is less than 8% in any one year. Double Digit does not charge any consulting fee in this scenario.

When the return of the investment is more than 8% a year, Double Digit Investment only charges 20% of the investment return portion.

We are a professional investment adviser team. We are willing to invest with our customers in the marathon of investment journey.

Our philosophy is to create value for customers. Our service revenue is based on the result of your positive investment return.

As a result, only when you win, we can win!


     We recommend our clients open self-direct account(s) in Questrade and follow the asset management advice we provide to manage your asset. For more details, you can email us at or call us at 226-6066512.
     No, we don't. Any type of investment, there is risk associated. We believe long term (more than 3 years), we can help you archieve more than 8% annual return.
     We charge 20% of your net return only if your annual return is at or above 8% in the past 12 months. You retain minimum 8% return after the service charge.
     In the case of your past 12 month return is less than 8%, you don't have to pay any service fee, we will continue to manage you investment accounts, if you would like to continue the service with us.
     Registered accounts, such as: RRSP, Spouse RRSP, LIRA, TFSA, RESP, or Margin Account
     We trade big sector ETFs that have lower MER (mostly less than 0.5%) and we rebalance periodically
     No, we don't use leverage. Our financial planning and asset management strategy is long term and steady growth. Keep your capital safe first.
     No, You don't need to. Your asset is always under your name and your account(s).
     You can email us at or call us at 226-6066512.


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